The Benefits of Amateur Theatre

There are many benefits associated with becoming involved with amateur theatre. This is performed by individuals who are considered to be amateurs as far as the art of acting or participating is concerned. Those who are involved, find that they experience many such benefits as in the following:

Each of us has special talents, skills, and abilities. We all need extra-curricular activities or hobbies where we can use those talents, skills, and abilities. Most individuals who join amateur theatre find that there are many different opportunities available that will permit them to share a part of themselves which contribute to the group as a whole in a positive manner.

There are many individual roles within a production and it is quite likely that you will find a position that is a perfect match for you based on your past experiences and your general level of expertise. Examples of positions that you may be able to take when working with amateur theatre include acting, artistic directing, production tasks, choreography, costumes, general director on the Board, lighting, marketing, playwright, producer, set design and building, sound, stage management, technical direction, and other positions such as carpentry, props, set painting, house management, ushering and refreshments. Any and all positions are volunteer but you will gain many benefits which include the opportunity to learn new skills.

By taking part in amateur theatre, you will not be ridiculed for your lack of acting experience and/or training. Individuals who join a group all have one main thing in common and that is the fact that they thoroughly enjoy the art of acting or being involved in some way. It is not about perfection, it is about enjoyment. While there are a few individuals who are good actors, don’t be put off. You will gain almost immediate support for your love of acting and volunteering and will become part of a diverse and expansive social network of individuals who enjoy the same hobbies that you enjoy.

Everyone involved in amateur theatre knows and understands that to be truly successful you must make the step to join such a program. Once you make that step, true success comes with effort and nothing more. These groups know, after a while, your acting, singing, dancing, and other skills will strengthen. Working behind the scenes is important too as without dedicated production members, the show cannot go on.  Many individuals that have low self-esteem find that they benefit in numerous ways by joining an amateur theatre group.

If you talk to the members of this type group, you will likely be surprised to know that most of them joined when they were experiencing challenging points in their life. They were experiencing bouts of low self-esteem and wanted to connect with others in a non-threatening manner.

Being part of a group which has the same interests as you will assist in building your self-esteem. When you become part of a group that has the ability to take a story and turn it into a stage production that is highly successful, your confidence will sky-rocket. In addition to this, many people find that when they are permitted to act out as someone else for a short amount of time, it is a great emotional release which allows them to reduce the stress in their life and experience higher levels of confidence. If you want to experience higher levels of self-esteem, amateur theatre may be perfect for you!

Many do not realize it, but amateur theatre provides a wealth of educational opportunities for those who are interested in pursuing theatre on a professional level.  If you are interested in joining,  you may be surprised to find that the work that you perform in that team will increase the amount of discipline that you have mentally and will optimise your ability to work in a team. Not only will this enhance your social skills, time management skills, and your ability to perform under pressure, it can also have many positive attributes when it comes to the workplace and other parts of your life.

Many individuals who have performed in amateur theatre have not only optimised their personal habits and lifestyle, but have also benefited from the expertise that they gain in their professional lives.

If you are interested in developing your work ethic, your time management skills, boosting your self-confidence, and joining a team of like-minded individuals who have a joy and interest in the art of acting and assembling a production, you should consider the benefits associated with joining the Hanover Community Players.


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