What are callbacks?

  • Initial auditions may leave an artistic team with a few questions.
  • A callback allows the team to assess a performer’s skills in accordance with specific characters
  • You will be asked or phoned to let you know about the callback taking place on the Saturday afternoon after the initial auditions
  • The artistic team can then see the actor for particular parts and have them sing the songs those characters sing, read the scenes in which those characters shine, etc.

 I didn’t get a callback – what does it mean?

  • Do not assume that you haven’t already been cast!
  • You will get a phone call or message on Saturday with the result of your audition, one way or the other.

 I wasn’t cast for the role I wanted!

  • There are a hundred reasons why someone might have been chosen ahead of you, and very few of them have anything necessarily to do with flaws in you.  The director has to consider not only the talent levels of each actor, but how they come across in combination.
  • Everyone wants what is best for the production.  You may be invaluable in another role, big or small, that is essential to the success of the production. 

I didn’t get cast at all!

  • You will probably be sad and maybe upset but that’s the way things are – there is always a chance of rejection in life.
  • If you did the best that you could at the time, then like anything else in life, you’ve got to pick yourself up and move on.
  • Stay involved with community theatre – volunteer for behind the scenes work and be ready for the next set of auditions.  Working with a theatre group in another capacity allows them to see qualities in you that perhaps didn’t come out in the audition.
  • Just because you weren’t cast for the current show doesn’t mean that you’re not a good actor.  Many professional actors suffer numerous rejections in their careers!