Membership Application (revised) pg 1Membership Application (revised) pg 2MEMBERSHIP – Theatre is recognized as being an enjoyable and rewarding experience,  promoting confidence, self esteem and teamwork in individuals of all ages.

Opportunities to volunteer and get involved: Actor, Producer, Artistic Director, Assistant Director, Stage Manager, Set Design, Costume design/wardrobe, House Management, Box Office, Fundraising, Lighting Design/Tech, Set  Construction, Marketing & Publicity, Ushering, Board of Directors, Stage Crew, Make-up, Set Props, Set Painting and more.

  • Membership  open to all individuals sixteen years of age or older and interested and willing to subscribe to the general purpose of the organization
  • A person becomes a member upon payment of an annual membership and submission of membership application
  • Single Membership $20.00
  • Family Membership Fee (2 or more members in the same family- can be under 16)   $30.00
  • Sustaining Membership Fee  $60.00 + (receive income tax receipt for balance)
  • Membership includes voting rights at the Annual Meeting (one vote per membership) and receipt of newsletters. 
  • Active Member:  actively participate in functions of the organization in accordance with the criteria established from time to time by the Board of Directors.
  • Sustaining Members:  support the efforts of the organization either as patrons or sponsors or in some other capacity in accordance with the criteria established from time to time by the Board of Directors.  Sustaining memberships help us to operate and show that you care about having community theatre in the areaSustaining members receive an income tax receipt for the balance of their fee over and above the $20 or $30 membership fee.