Author Unknown

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 1. Theatre prepares people for life in the real world by guiding continual development and refinement of interpersonal skills.

 2. Theatre has the ability to affect people on a personal level by contributing to mental, emotional, and social growth. 

3. Theatre helps people develop a sense of community and social responsibility. 

4. Theatre gives people the opportunity to voice opinions, explore personal concerns, and produce viable solutions to problems.

 5. Theatre encourages diversity and the exploration of the human experience.

6. Theatre explores various cultures and breaks down damaging stereotypes.

7. Theatre asks people to be active participants and advocates for others, aware of  surroundings and their ability to mediate and effect change. 

8. Theatre communicates the fact that as many ways as we humans are different, we share common bonds and can connect with everyone on some level, bringing new understanding and compassion to our lives.