HCP Code of Conduct

Hanover Community Players Theatre Code of Conduct  (revised Sept. 12/18)

The Code of Conduct was passed by the Board after much discussion and revision.  It is designed to give everyone a level 'playing field'  in the theatre and a safe and happy place to perform and work.  

If you encounter problems, please speak to the person in charge or follow the procedure outlined in the Code.  Please do let us know - we want everyone to feel valued and to have fun while working hard towards their goals.


PUNCTUALITY — You’ve heard about it your whole life and being a professional means there are no excuses for lateness to a rehearsal or performance. There are moments when a real crisis may disrupt you from your appointed arrival time, so PLAN for those moments by arriving well before the designated time. Those extra minutes will allow more time to warm-up, build an ensemble, or get you in the right frame of mind. If lateness is truly unavoidable, you must call your Stage Manager and let them know your expected arrival time. Habitual lateness will probably result in dismissal.

REHEARSALS —  ALL cast members are expected to attend all scheduled rehearsals.  We realize that occasionally there are conflicts.  If you MUST miss a rehearsal, you MUST notify the Stage Manager well in advance so that changes may be made.  

CELL PHONES — Turn them off when entering a rehearsal or performance space. There are appropriate times to use them, so hang up!

GOSSIP — You know it’s wrong. We heard you say it.

BACKSTAGE NOISE —  It should be nonexistent. That means you should avoid all talking, whispering, and laughter while in the wings and dressing room areas. In addition to this, full cooperation with the stage manager is mandatory.

TECH REHEARSALS —  ALL cast members are expected to attend tech rehearsals as scheduled before opening night. During these rehearsals, you are expected to pay attention, not disrupt the rehearsal, and stay close to the stage, because you never know when they will go back a few scenes to fine tune timing, lighting or sound. Be advised that these rehearsals often run late; the more the cast cooperates, the earlier you get to go home.

BACKSTAGE DRAMA —  Just because we play dramatic characters onstage does NOT mean we must portray them offstage. When you are in a show, the theatre becomes a tiny universe. If love should bloom while in a show, great! Keep it outside. If you a have a personal struggle, we are sorry, but it cannot affect the show and you may have to make a decision. You were cast for your performance abilities and need to perform. Everything will still be there when the show is over. 

If there is a problem within the production which affects you, please speak to the Stage Manager or Director privately after the rehearsal or show.  If either one of them is part of the problem, please contact the Production Manager.  Board members who are part of the cast are performers only.

PROFESSIONALISM —  Take up all disputes with the director before or after rehearsal, or during a rehearsal break. Never argue with the director from on stage or during a scheduled rehearsal. Do not direct the director or other actors!  If you have a dispute with a cast or crew member, take up your concerns with the director or stage manager before getting anyone else involved. If you have a problem with a director, stage manager or anyone else connected with your show, please let us know so that any required action can be taken. 

Furthermore, no matter how disappointed you may be in a production, ALWAYS speak positively of a show in which you are involved in public. We are a team; if someone asks you how a show is going and you don’t have anything positive to say, just say “fine”.

PROPS —  Never play with a prop – your own or someone else’s. In fact, never touch someone else’s prop at all. Furthermore, it is not the stage manager’s job to keep track of your props. Always check your own props before each rehearsal and show.

PERFORMANCES —  Call time before a performance is a minimum of 1 ½ hours before start time. You are required to be at all performances. You have a responsibility to all involved to perform the show as rehearsed and to do your best. The closing night audience members paid the same ticket price as the opening night audience. You should always give your best possible performance.

BE PREPARED — Always bring a pencil to rehearsal and write down your blocking, choreography, etc. Memorize your lines on time. Practice and study outside of rehearsal.

ADDITIONAL DUTIES — We are a non-profit, volunteer organization. As such, everyone needs to chip in. All cast members will be assigned clean-up duty following performances. On those nights, you may not leave until your job is done. Out of courtesy to cleaning staff members, keep post-show socializing in the building to a minimum so that staff may get home in a timely manner. All cast members have cleaning duty on closing night – no one leaves until the entire set has been struck and the theatre is in peak condition for the next production.

BE INVOLVED — Whenever possible, cast members should assist in costuming, set construction and painting, props, and, most of all, publicity. None of these can be done by one person alone.

ALCOHOL AND ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES — Alcohol may not be consumed on theatre property by a cast or crew member at any time. The same applies to illegal drugs (including marijuana). Furthermore, cast and crew members should avoid the use of all such substances prior to or during a rehearsal or performance – it isn’t fair to your fellow cast members, and you may pose a safety hazard to you or others around you.

*Adapted from “Actor’s Equity Association Actors’ Etiquette”



◘  Give your best possible performance.

◘  Maintain performance as directed or choreographed.

◘  Make no unauthorized changes in costume, make-up or hairstyle.

◘  Take proper care of all costumes.

◘  Appear at curtain calls as directed.

◘  Be on time for rehearsals

◘  Notify the Stage Manager if you are ill or unable to reach the theatre in time.

◘  Fully cooperate with the Stage Manager.

◘  Consult the Director and/or Stage Manager in case of disputes.





This Code of Conduct is designed to clarify the Hanover Community Players’ expectations on how members, performers, production staff and all volunteers must conduct themselves whilst involved in the activities of the group. By following this Code of Conduct, your reputation, and the brand and reputation of the Hanover Community Players will be upheld and protected. The Code also seeks to provide for a safe, enjoyable and equitable environment for all in the undertaking of their role within the Hanover Community Players.


Hanover Community Players is committed to ensuring the integrity and highest ethical standards in respect of our members, and our volunteers. Underlying this commitment is the need for Hanover   Community Players to ensure that all persons contributing to the success of Hanover Community Players act with dignity, honesty, integrity and with respect towards others. This code additionally seeks to improve the theatrical skills of performers, production staff and volunteers by making the theatrical experience attractive, safe and enjoyable for all.

How Does the Code of Conduct Apply To You?

Every member, performer, production staff and volunteer of Hanover Community Players is expected to perform his/her role in accordance with this Code of Conduct.

Members of the Board

You will:

- work towards the achievement of Hanover Community Players objectives, as contained in the Constitution and current operational and strategic plans

- be accountable for fulfilling the role you have taken on, undertaking your specified role and tasks in accordance with the spirit and objectives of Hanover Community Players

- ensure you have or acquire the personal and operational skills for your designated role

- attend meetings regularly and promptly except for unavoidable circumstances

Production Team:

You will:

- have the responsibility for your cast and production team -  please exercise it

- abide by the policies and practices of Hanover Community Players as they apply

- abide by the principles of theatre etiquette (including, but not limited to: respecting privacy in changing rooms; avoiding inappropriate language; not being under the influence of drugs or alcohol) co-operate with the director, stage manager and all members of the production team and fellow cast members.

- be reasonable in your demands on performers’ time, energy and enthusiasm. Remember that they have other interests and demands on their time

- abide by and teach your cast the principles of theatre etiquette and stage craft and encourage gratification through achievement.

Incorporation of Other Standards

Hanover Community Players requires that all members, performers, production staff and volunteers comply with all laws, regulations and policies governing its activities and the terms of any charters relevant to their duties.

In addition to complying with the above, all are expected to:

- treat everyone with dignity and courtesy

- be fair, considerate and honest in all dealings with others

- refrain from any behaviour which may bring Hanover Community Players into disrepute

- display control, respect and professionalism in all activities

- observe proper meeting conduct and protocols

- be courteous in dealings with others

- control their temper: verbal abuse of others in the course of Hanover Community Players’ activities is unacceptable

- not behave in any manner, or engage in any activity, whilst on Hanover Community Players’ business, which is likely to impair positive public perception of Hanover Community Players and its members

- not behave in any manner, or engage in any activity, whilst on Hanover Community Players’ business, which is likely to impair positive public perception of Hanover Community Players and its members

- abide by the conditions of use for the venue being used

Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Bullying

Members, performers, production staff and volunteers are expected to respect the rights, dignity and worth of others regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion or of their physical or psychological disabilities. Hanover Community Players will not tolerate discrimination. Discrimination is any behaviour or practice which reflects an assumption of superiority of one group (or individual) over another or disadvantages people on the basis of their real or perceived membership of a particular group and includes such behaviour as less favourable treatment, unfair exclusion and asking discriminatory questions.

Hanover Community Players will not tolerate sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is any unwanted, unwelcome or uninvited behaviour of a sexual nature which makes a person feel humiliated, intimidated or offended.

Equally, Hanover Community Players will not tolerate bullying. Bullying is behaviour that intimidates, offends, degrades, insults or humiliates another person. Bullying can be physical or psychological.  Examples of bullying include:

- aggressive or frightening behaviour

- threats of assault against a colleague or damage to their property or equipment

- rude comments

- standing in someone's way or deliberately blocking their path in an intimidating manner

Health and Safety

Everyone has the right to participate in an environment that is physically and emotionally safe. Members, performers, production staff and volunteers are asked to take responsibility for their own health and safety, ensuring that their actions do not risk the health and safety of others. All are required to take reasonable care at all times by following all lawful instructions from those in authority at Hanover Community Players in its efforts towards providing a healthy and safe environment.

All hazards, accidents or injuries must be reported to the Hanover Community Players representative in charge of the activity. Incident report forms are required to be completed in serious injury and forwarded to the town office.  All medical cards on file are for use in emergency situations and are destroyed at the end of a production.

Alcohol and Drug Consumption

Illegal or prohibited drugs are not to be consumed by members, performers, production staff and volunteers while performing duties with Hanover Community Players. In the context of this provision, anyone exhibiting signs of being intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol, or an illegal or prohibited drug will be prevented from commencing, recommencing or continuing their activity.



If anyone has a grievance or feels that they have been unfairly treated, they are encouraged to raise this issue with the Chair, Vice-Chair or any member of the Board for immediate and confidential assistance. The Board of the Hanover Community Players is committed to uphold both the letter and spirit of this Code and the mediation and resolution of any grievance in an expeditious manner.

Breach of the Code of Conduct.    

In the case of a confirmed (that is to say there is legally acceptable proof and/or unimpeachable sources) serious breach of the Code of Conduct, the Chair and Vice Chair should be notified (or in issues involving the Chair and/or Vice Chair, a quorum of Board members) as soon as possible.  The Chair and Vice-Chair or that quorum must ensure any legal or safety issues are immediately dealt with according to current laws and regulations of the Province.

If in the view of the Chair/Vice Chair or quorum the issue does not require immediate attention, the board as a whole will be convened (where a meeting in not possible due to the need for a timely response or logistical considerations, then board members will be contacted by the best medium available) for a free and full discussion of the issue.

The board will take action to address the breach of conduct with the options of sanctioning those involved (i.e. written warning, removal from the current production) or requesting that person(s) leave the organization.

Generally, the board will share (written, electronically) the specifics of the issue so as to reinforce the Code of Conduct and to ensure transparency. In all cases, records of the issues, including collaborating materials will be recorded/collected for the protection of the Board and Group.  The board, at its discretion, will share what parts of any issues it deems appropriate to go beyond the board. 

The board, as a whole, will decide if the issue has been resolved and if the issue is closed.


Hanover Community Players will provide every member, performer, production staff and volunteer with a copy of this Code and brief volunteers, where requested. If anyone has a question about the Code they should consult the Chair, Vice-Chair or Production Manager in the first instance.

This Code may be amended from time to time, where necessary. Hanover Community Players will distribute updated copies, and changes of the Code will be expected to be adhered to.

This document is not designed to be exhaustive, but all involved in Hanover Community Players’ activities will be expected to uphold both the letter and spirit of the Code.




Hanover Community Players

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