Nominations and Awards

WODL, Western Ontario Drama League, has 28 members at this time.  Each year, member companies can choose to have their productions 'judged'.  The adjudicator observes the production as presented.  He or she will report an overview of the quality of elements of the production to the group.  The goal is to provide an educational dialogue between the adjudicator and the group in an informal way.  Member groups can decide to be adjudicated in or out of Festival.

Groups choosing to be adjudicated 'in festival' are vying for a chance to present their play at the annual WODL Festival held during each March Break.  A winner will then go on to represent the area in the Theatre Ontario Festival.

Up to 28 productions may be adjudicated over six months.  Awards and nominations are based strictly on merit.  Eight categories are selected by the Pre-festival Adjudicator from all productions, whether in or out of festival.  Six additional Adjudicator's Awards are also presented. 

HCP salutes the hard work and dedication of all of our cast and volunteers who have contributed their time and effort to gain these nominations and awards.  Award winners will be announced later in May.  Well done everyone! 



Our Musical - Oliver!

Outstanding Performance in a Major Role

Tim Heerema (Fagin)

Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role

Kate Heerema (Bet) 

Best Juvenile

Kaitlyn Miller (Oliver)

Kate Heerema (Bet)

Best Newcomer

Ted Easton (Mr. Sowerberry)

Best Visually Co-Ordinated Costumes - Non-Rental in Nature

Sherri DeGroot, Donna Douma, Aleesha DeGreoot  (their fourth time!)

No WODL Festival 2020-2021


Our Play - First Panto - Sleeping Beauty

Best Visually Coordinated Costumes of a non-rental Nature (in-or-out-of - festival)

Donna Douma, Sherri DeGroot (their third time!)

Adjudicator's Award of Merit

The use of old theatre technology with modern technology

Awarded to the production of Sleeping Beauty, Hanover Community Players


Our Play - Bedtime Stories (as told by our Dad) (who messed them up)

The Hadley Award - Outstanding Juvenile

Brooke Lorenz nominated as Wilma, Hanover Community Players

Best Cameo

Ashlyn Kuhl nominated as Horace the tap-dancing dinosaur, Hanover Community Players

Best Visually Coordinated Costumes of a non-rental Nature (in-or-out-of - festival)

Donna Douma, Sherri DeGroot, Jessica Walker nominated, Hanover Community Players

Six Adjudicator Awards

Innovation in Stage Movement in a Creative Way - Hanover Community Players nominated

Effective Scene Transitions - Hanover Community Players nominated

Set Painting/Decor - Hanover Community Players nominated


Our Play - Robin Hood and the Heroes of Sherwood Forest

The Inez Hayes Memorial Award - Outstanding Ensemble Work (out of festival) 

 The Company - Robin Hood and the Heroes of Sherwood Forest nominated, Hanover Community Players

The Hadley Award - Outstanding Juvenile

  Kate Heerema nominated as Alan-a-Dale, Hanover Community Players

The Theatre Kent Award - Most Promising Newcomer

Sarah van der Heide nominated as Maid Marion, Hanover Community Players

Adjudicator's Award of Merit

The Essence of Community Theatre

  Awarded to The Company

Robin Hood and the Heroes of Sherwood Forest, Hanover Community Players

Awarded the Special Adjudicator's Merit Award 2017 for demonstrating what true, inclusive community theatre is all about.  Robin Hood and the Heroes of Sherwood Forest.


WODL - NOMINATIONS 2015 - 2016

Our Play - Alice@Wonderland

Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role

Elijah Shafer nominated as the Mad Hatter - Hanover Community Players

Outstanding Direction (Out of Festival)

Jaime Fleet nominated - Hanover Community Players

Outstanding Ensemble Production (Out of Festival)

The Cast of Alice@Wonderland nominated – Hanover Community Players

Best Visual Production (Out of Festival)

Alice@Wonderland - Hanover Community Players

Outstanding Performance by a Juvenile (in or out of festival)

The Hadley Award Winner:

   Awarded to Emily E. as Alice – Hanover Community Players

Best New Actor or Actress (in or out of festival)

Kayley O’Rourke nominated as Dormouse - Hanover Community Players

Best Visually Coordinated Costumes of a non-rental Nature (in-or-out-of - festival)

Donna Douma/Sherri DeGroot nominated - Hanover Community Players

Best Sound Design (in or out of festival)

The Kincardine Theatre Guild Award Winner:

      Awarded to Samuel Los - Hanover Community Players





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