Hanover Community Players General Covid-19 Safety Plan


1. HCP Communication and Training to Prevent COVID-19 Exposure

Monitoring for updated and new information

HCP Communications

HCP Training

Communication with guests


2. HCP and Audience COVID-19 Screening

HCP Screening Process

Upon entry to an HCP facility, HCP members are required to successfully complete Covid Screening (Ontario COVID-19 Screening Tool for Workplaces

Screening Audience Members

3. Transmission Prevention

Maintain Physical Distancing


Source control masking and using personal protective equipment

Transmission from surfaces and objects

Hand and respiratory hygiene

4. Response Protocol for a Potential Case/Suspected Exposure

Procedure if someone becomes ill in the theatre

5. Management of Changes – Prevention of New Risks

In the event the COVID-19 related changes to workplace practices and requirements presents new risks for HCP members or guests, we will continue to gather information regarding any additional new challenges presented by COVID-19 and associated controls, take preventative actions and continue to update this information as needed. 

6. Continuous Improvement Activities

HCP remains committed to accepting feedback from HCP Members and audience members regarding the controls in place, if they are working or if there are any issues.


For more information visit ONTARIO.CA/COVID or WSPS.CA/COVID19


NOTE: This document is intended for informational purposes only to provide an overview of the potential hazards posed in the workplace due to COVID-19. It is not intended as medical or scientific advice, to provide a comprehensive risk assessment for all workplaces, or to replace any legislated workplace safety obligations. Due to the ongoing evolution of the situation in Ontario and around the world, this document may be used as a guide in addition to guidance delivered by government and public health authorities, including, but not limited to the World Health Organization (WHO), Ontario  m of Health, Public Health Ontario and the Centers for Disease

Control and Prevention (CDC)    


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