Upcoming Auditions

The spring 2020 play will be the comedy Hilda's Yard by Norm Foster, one of Canada's greatest playwrights!

Cast of 6 - looking for 3 men, 3 women. Auditions Oct. 18th and 23rd.

It’s an exciting summer day in 1956 for Hilda and Sam Fluck. Newly on their own since their thirty-something children Gary and Janey moved out, they are finally ready to relax. Hilda plans to hang her laundry while Sam goes to buy a shiny new television. What could disturb their simple peace?

Turns out doors are merely decoration as Gary and Janey literally fall over the fence into the backyard, looking for help out of sticky situations. Gary has lost his job, is enamoured with his new girlfriend, Bobbi, and running from a bookie named Beverly, while the ever-dependent Janey has unexpectedly left her husband.

The family careens into an afternoon of calamity, showing them that ultimately they must celebrate how they can be together rather than apart.

Norm Foster’s heart-warming and relatable family comedy proves that there will always be a significant weight to an empty nest.

Age suggestions and brief outline

Hilda Fluck - mid-fifties, family matriarch, a combination of sugar and iron, reflects on this new stage of life

Sam Fluck - mid-fifties - factory worker who has been doing the same mundane job for nearly 30 years, deeply in love with his wife

Gary Fluck - thirty-three - apparently on the run from thugs, fired from his pizza delivery job, happy-go-lucky, in the war 11 years ago

Janey Fluck - thirty - has left her husband, dreams of a life of adventure

Bobbi Jakes - early thirties - hip, modern, cutting-edge young woman, Gary's girlfriend

Beverly Woytowich - around forty  - suave, sophisticated bookie, has come to collect his money from Gary


Hanover Community Players

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519-506-6902 (Box-office, active only one month prior to production)



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