Upcoming Auditions

12 roles available (great ones for teens) for this 40-50 minute play

directed by Jo-Anne Bell and Stage Managed by Nathan Heuchan

Performances April 28th, 29th, 30th, 2021 

ROLES                                                                                                                                          APPROX.

                                                                                                                                                      # LINES

Scene 1    TONY                                     Teenage driver; conscientious                                        54

                  MR. PINKLEY                        Driving instructor; highly strung                                    55

Scene 2    MRS. VAN DE GROOT          Driving instructor; no nonsense                                     29

                  BROOKE                               Teenage driver; AKA the Centre of the Universe           20

                  DAD                                        Passenger; a camera hound; very focused                   25

                  MOM                                       Passenger; the glue that keeps the family together     29

                 LITTLE SUSIE                        Passenger; typical annoying little sister                          6

 Scene 3  MR. SANCHEZ                        Driving instructor; easily irritated                                   44

                 ASHLEY                                  Teenage driver; take charge kind of girl                         39

                 BEN                                         Teenage driver; good hearted; has a deep and abiding fear of    Ashley   39

Scene 4  MS. GRANVILLE                      Driving instructor; mostly humorless                             51

                KENDRA                                  Teenage driver; extremely connected                             51

Contact:  n.heuchan@hotmail.com  Book your appointment time!





By Tina and Robert Burbidge



Wed. May 12th or Thurs. May 13th 2021

6:30 P.M.


If selected:  First Rehearsal Sun. May 16th, 2021 @ 1:15 p.m.



Red Riding Hood - a young girl

Dame Robyn Hood - her widowed mother (Dame)

Jack - a carrier of water

Jill- his sister

Wolf - a wicked carnivore

Fairy - a helpful supernatural protagonist 

Laurence - first little pig, the clever one

Llewellyn - second little pig, not quite so clever

Bowen - third little pig, not blessed with intelligence

Woodcutter - a cutter of wood (does anyone read this?)

Billy - his son (Principal boy)

Granny - Red's adventurous grandmother

Chorus of Villagers, Children



Auditions scheduled for

Wed. Oct. 27th or Fri. Oct. 29th, 2021

callbacks if needed - Wed. Nov. 3rd, 2021

PRODUCTION: (8 shows) 

April 28th, 29th, 30th, May 1st

May 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th 2022!

Most people know of the Mamma Mia story but here it is to remind you:  It takes place during a 24 hour period on the fictional Greek island of Kalokairi.  Sophie Sheridan is getting married and wants a traditional family wedding.  She really wants her father to give her away but she doesn't know who he is so she sets about to find out for herself.

Principal Actors

Donna Sheridan - owner of the Taverna on the island; Sophie's mother (around 40)  She is the former lead singer of 'Donna and the Dynamos'.  Honest, straight forward and hard-working, she is the most naturalistic and vulnerable of the characters.  Delivers some of the biggest solos in the show (The Winner Takes it All, Slipping Through My Fingers, Dancing Queen, Super Trooper, Money Money Money, among others).

Sophie Sheridan - Donna's headstrong 21 year old daughter, she is determined to have what her mother never had - a traditional wedding and a father to walk her down the aisle.  Young, bright and energetic, she has lived all her life on the island and is ready to leave.  (I Have a Dream, Honey Honey, The Name of the Game, Lay All Your Love on Me, Under Attack, among others).

Tanya Cresham-Leigh - one of Donna's oldest and best friends and a former Dynamo, Tanya, (around 40) has married several millionaires and discovered a lot more about plastic surgery than love in her effort to stay young.  Wild, fun-loving and a big character, she flirts mercilessly with young men, happy to play, but not to stick around.  (Chiquitita, Dancing Queen, Super Trooper, Does Your Mother Know among others).

Rosie Mulligan - Donna's friend (around 40, often plus size) a former member of the Dynamos; unmarried, free-spirited and a renowned author of cookbooks.  A character who has developed a confident, funny and self-deprecating exterior which masks her inner vulnerability.  Mostly comic, yet in one of the most poingant moments in the show, dances like nobody's watching.  (Chiquitita, Dancing Queen, Super Trooper, Take a Chance on Me, among others.)

Sam Carmichael - one of Sophie's potential fathers and a wealthy architect (40-50).  Sam has regretted leaving Donna all his life and now finds himself divorced and back in her presence.  He is straight-laced, confident and composed.  At times he is perhaps a little over-bearing, but he is determined not to mess up the second chance he has been given.  A very true and honest character within the chaos.  (S.O.S., Thank You for the Music, Knowing Me Knowing You, among others)

Harry Bright - another of Sophie's potential fathers and a respected London banker (40-50) English.  Once a head-banging, partying musician who went down the straight road - at least with his career.  He is quirky, in the closet and something of a romantic nostalgist.  A nice guy, determined to make up for some past regrets and full of singing.  (Thank You for the Music, Our Last Summer among others)

Bill Austin - another of Sophie's potential fathers, a well-known travel writer.  Bill has visited the far reaches of the earth, but never found what he's really looking for.  A real character (40-50), often English or Australian, Bill has generally avoided the complexities of a relationship and now wonders if it's too late.  Lots of comedy and a golden heart within.  (Thank You for the Music, The Name of the Game, Take a Chance on Me, among others).


Sky - Sophie's fiance, a former stockbroker who moved to the island in a young version of a mid-life crisis.  He is older than Sophie (25-32) but smitten by her exotic charm.  Perhaps he is too eager to please and has not quite found all the answers he had hoped for on the island.  (Lay All Your Love on Me, among others

Ali and Lisa - Sophie's friends who have travelled to the island for the wedding (early 20's, could be from anywhere).  A supporting double-act of bubbly, bridesmaidy excitement.   (Honey Honey, among others).

Pepper - a flirty waiter at the Taverna featured through his brief relationship with Tanya.  (20-25, could be from anywhere).  Hot, energetic and fun-loving, makes a great double-act with Eddie.  Opportunity for a good mover.  (Take a Chance on Me, among others).

Eddie - a waiter, boatman and handyman at the Taverna.  Other half of the double-act with Pepper.  (20-30).  Fairly non-specific.  Good opportunity for an actor to create something interesting.  (Full Company numbers)

Father Alexandrios - the minister who officiates Sophie's wedding.  Often a Greek Orthodox priest, this is potentially a delightful little role for an actor with some imagination.  A nice role for someone who doesn't want too much to sing.  (Finale numbers)

Chorus - islanders who work at Donna's, wedding guests, Sky's Bachelor Party friends, Sophie's Bachelorette Party friends, nightmare characters etc.  The chorus on stage will not be large (due to the size of the stage) but they will be on stage for most, if not all of the show.  A good opportunity for featured dancers, along with those who can sing and act.  The uniting factor on stage (and behind the stage) will be the energy, spirit and delight that is contained in the music of ABBA and our ambition will be to package up that joy and deliver it into the audience at such a high level that they will not be able resist moving to the music!


Hanover Community Players

443 10th Avenue, Hanover ON N4N 2P1

519-506-6902 (Box-office, active only one month prior to production)