What About Us?

June 4, 2021

This needs to be done!

May be an image of text that says "In Ontario's roadmap to reopening, there are 3 significant oversights related to the performing arts and live music venues/organizations. 1. Allow artists to rehearse as soon as the stay-at-home order is lifted so they can prepare for reopening Allow artists and organizations to livestream and 2. record in venues as soon as the stay-at-home order is lifted, since these are low-risk activities that serve the public at home 3. Outline clear percentage-based capacities indoors and distanced-based capacities outdoors for all steps of the plan to help organizations work on reopening"

Mark Vuorinen

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I’m calling on the Ontario government to ensure regulatory fairness for the live performing arts in the Road to Reopen plan.

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Hanover Community Players

443 10th Avenue, Hanover ON N4N 2P1

519-506-6902 (Box-office, active only one month prior to production)